Rhythm of Color
“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” – Paul Klee

Artist’s Statement
Color is the property of an object that creates a sensation in the eye and is interpreted by the brain.  Photography, and for that matter all visual arts use color to communicate ideas and to evoke emotions.  The use of color can be abstract or representational or somewhere in between.  The images in this body of work explore the use of color as a purely abstract exercise intended to delight the eye and mind.
Technology and art are closely intertwined. All art involves the use of technology.  The tools a painter uses would not exist without technology.  Certainly, photography was founded on technological advances in chemistry, physics, optics, and other branches of science.  My use of technology for this series involves the recent development of inexpensive LED light strips and tiny electronic controllers.  These tools have allowed me to study pure color and light.
Barry Tarr
July 2019