I have always been fascinated by the perception of the world through the viewfinder and have been taking pictures since I was twelve. Photography gives me a chance to play with light and to select a moment in time to create a unique image. Henri-Cartier Bresson called it ‘The Decisive Moment’.
Photography is also a pursuit that involves what I call a 360-degree view of the world. From the hard sciences; physics, optics, and chemistry to psychology, physiology and philosophy I feel that you must have an understanding of most facets of life in order to properly accomplish your art.
After college I continued to take photographs and build and work in my darkrooms, but as life inevitably intervened I had less and less time to do the kind of photography that I knew I could create.

With the advent of digital SLR cameras, the possibility of returning to serious photography became a reality. I believe that the tools available in the digital realm enhance the creative process allowing me to better focus on the images that I wish to create.

I am the Past-President of the York Art Association and a member of the New Hampshire Art Association as well as the Kittery Art Association.

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